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Wrestling Basics with Jordan Burroughs – Takedowns


  1. 65 people think they are better wrestlers than Jordan Bourroughs.

  2. So im joining my jr high schools wrestling team this year. Its my first
    year, im really looking forward to learning new things and maybe winning a
    couple matches, i probably wont but its gonna be my first year. Overall i
    feel anxious. im a pretty tall kid in my school but im also very skinny but
    im pretty well in shape. Wish me luck guys!

  3. thanks, hope this makes me better and good enough to join my school team!

  4. thank you so much for your advice im from the uk and there is hardly any
    wrestling gyms here, where there is a wrestling gym they charge extortion
    prices! makes me wish i lived in usa

  5. Here’s another way to be great at wrestling act too cool like you don’t
    care my friend does that and it throws me off every time

  6. That is not a real doble leg takedown even I can do one better then that
    piece guys

  7. Great video. Ur a really good teacher. Thanks!

  8. I thought that you are supposed to put your head on the outside of your
    opponents body to do a double leg takedown

  9. Wrestling is great man!

  10. Am a amateur wrestler myself

  11. Yeah guys sometimes you fuck up on these moves cause stuff is still going
    too fast cause youre not fast and/or strong enough. Practice them well and
    each time you shoot it well and fast start shooting even faster and

  12. I’ve never have wrestled should I or not

  13. good!

  14. What a calm, collected dude. This zen attitude probably helps when the
    opposition is getting the better of you.

  15. I wish we had YouTube 20 years ago when I was in high school. With this
    kind of instruction, I might have qualified for state. You kids these days
    don’t know how good you have it with these technological advances!

  16. I always get sprawled on really bad when I try to shoot 

  17. Is this folkstyle wrestling? 

  18. In side control/inside control. Remember Jake!

  19. Carter Sperrazza

    You guys make this look easy. I know some of these moves and I’ve used them
    in competition but we’re moving so fast i cant get to the guy in the
    correct position before he backs out of it. Maybe some practice ;)…..

  20. MUITO BOM 

  21. I should have wrestled in school, i was perfectly built for wrestling and
    wrestling alone. I was trying to be everything else. But wrestling came so
    natural to me that i even beated some highschool wrestlers.

  22. My driving double legs are always so hard to get

  23. I’m a girl wrestler, and I want to get better because I’m not very good
    because my team mates aren’t exactly helping me practice and these videos
    are helping me alot

  24. i do i little bit of wrestling and this video help but come check my
    channel for now i do boxing and i little muay thai i will upload other
    video over time for opinion and advise to improve my fighting style or even

  25. I love that high crotch. Because it is perfect set for an easy throw. In HS
    5 points are always better than 2. It ir looks a lot easier with no
    resistance. Plus his single leg and pressure on the inside of the leg. I
    wish I knew that way back then. And he does needs to demonstrate how
    important penetration is. cool vid

  26. Very good .. !!!!!

  27. I loved coming to your camp last year 

  28. Wrestling IS LIFE 

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