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Tyrone Spong training with Pedro Diaz, Vitor Belfort, and Odlanier Solis for MMA WSOF 4

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  1. Sweet Music!

  2. meu irmao que professor bom do caralho

  3. This might be wishful thinking, but I would love to see Spong vs Belfort, I
    know they train together but hey Spong and Overeem used to train together,
    where and I believe are good friends but they still fought.

  4. Anyone know what kind of shoes Tyrone is wearing in this video?

  5. he barely beat that chump..spongebobby wont see no lande in the world of

  6. i would do anything to train for a day in that gym

  7. Excellent video!!! 

  8. this trainer is slick! 

  9. Great video

  10. Spong is just so dam cool

  11. anyone know where i can buy that jaco sleeveless hoodie??????

  12. Być jak Tyrone Spong!

  13. I know it’s most peoples days off, but this training video of Tyrone Spong
    and others is a must watch!

  14. I think if your serious about making the transition in into MMA,
    No disrespect to the camp your with, but you need to go with a
    Camp like AKA with Valasquez and the boys. Get with a top camp
    And Im sure many will agree in time you could become a top contender..

  15. mad respect to Pedro Diaz

  16. Veronica Garcia

    I hope sponge isn’t expecting. Awalk in the park

  17. fuk u cunt

  18. well duh

  19. Spong’s a fkin killer 🙂

  20. SomeFitnessDude

    He’s the best Muay thai(with elbows) fighter around at 95kg. He fought
    Spong back in 2009 and knocked Spong out, after being knocked down twice
    himself. Fight ended in a no contest tho thanks to a bad act of the
    referee. Even tho Nathan’s best weapon are his elbows he wasn’t allowed to
    use them in that fight, which will probably be the same in their next fight
    as it will be Glory rules. So yea, he’s pretty legit, my vote is going for
    Spong tho this time :).

  21. Is Nathan Corbett good? I don’t know him

  22. does tyrone grapple? ive never seen him grappling on any of those vids.

  23. im going to that fight it’s at the sears centre I live 10 min away from it
    me and my team are all going its gonna be insane!

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