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Training Workout – MMA Strength Routine

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  1. you don’t sound how you look

  2. hey ,if anyone else wants to discover best mma workout program try Pyzork
    Martial Professor (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now
    ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my neighbor got amazing
    results with it.
    so guys what you think of?

  3. Barbelk he use is heavier than me I am 98 pound

  4. Those are some big ass hands. I’m gonna be licking the ground with a slap
    of one of those.

  5. TheGoodFeeling A

    2minutes starting song ? name pls

  6. How much rest after each set does it change due to the rep range is
    different or stay set ????

  7. As you will Doctore

  8. Yo Yo Mr B, Great question – check out the Sparta 300 Upper Body Workout
    but do it for 45-15 intervals instead of 10 reps per exercise circuit. That
    will jack up your metabolism cardio and conditioning – Funk

  9. keep up the good work… great workout

  10. Great workout. Keep up the great videos..

  11. always fantastic.

  12. Hey Funk need some help, do you have a workout for upper body that
    resembles a cardio workout, cuz my knee needs some recovery but I dont want
    that to be an excuse for not doing cardio. Please help! Your workouts never
    let me down 🙂

  13. love ur content

  14. You have the best workout videos man, you help all who to wants to be in
    mma,combat sports, get in shape or look good make a difference thanks man!

  15. For strenght it wouldn’t be ideal low reps (1 – 3 ) ?

  16. Hebrew Israelite

    Good workout! Curious, but why the Dumbbell SDL so important and effective
    for strength and power?

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