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The Best MMA Defense Against a Ground-and-pound Attack


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  1. controlling the hand is just about the worst advice. You lost me already
    at like 1:20 in. 

  2. Don’t control the hand just take down their posture

  3. hugging and closing the distance is the most simple and effective thing you
    can do, controlling the wrists or hands is an incredibly stupid idea

  4. controlling the hand means an ellbow to the face..so dont controll the
    hand, but control the body by hugging and closing

  5. Awesome video. Two thumbs up !

  6. Amazing and awesome for what you know :-)

  7. When he is in the 1st position he showed; I like to just lock in a double
    arm bar as quickly as I can

  8. ask brandon vera vs jon jones

  9. THank you for this awesome video.

  10. Hand and wrist control may stop punches but leaves you vulnerable to elbows
    which is more dangerous. As an mma fighter I do not recommend his first

  11. Thanks man!

  12. Thanks, play wrestled with my friend and I got ground and pounded but I
    didn’t know what to do so this may come in handy.

  13. Thanks man this helps but what about north south? No real ground and pound
    there but still nice to know how to defend!

  14. This is no doubt helping my ground game. Shout out from the force of one
    clovis nm !

  15. Wat about if the dude does a head butt

  16. Thanks it helps alot 

  17. *blood?

  18. Thats a really good one 🙂

  19. Good video!

  20. I really think he should take his earrings off when doing something like
    this, even if it was for the video only. Bad shit can happen when you mix
    piercings and martial arts.

  21. I love u bro we have the same last name spanish blode?

  22. Hey Squid, see I’m not the only one asking this question

  23. When they’re in my guard I like to get that over hook control that wrist
    and shoot a triangle as fast as I can I have made people tap lots of time
    in like grappling tournaments and fights

  24. Never would have thought of bridging the hips in full mount. I’ll make sure
    to use it one day.

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