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Spartans Jr Team Scores on the Tigers

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  1. DestroyAllN00bs

    thank you lol.

  2. Valentino Solinas


  3. RandomNewSports

    Radical Sport!

  4. seems & looks like fun, cool…..

  5. IceCreamSneaker

    great =)

  6. DestroyAllN00bs

    you right lol.

  7. DestroyAllN00bs

    wow, 6 months since the last comment. W00t cant wait for next season lol.

  8. looks like fun

  9. wow, they look really cool, games to play!

  10. That just shows you have to visit our channel more often, lol. =]

  11. NinjassBlackyChan

    Yeah I really want do try this out!!!

  12. Awesome 5/5 really great

  13. I’ve seen your vids. You’d be good. =]

  14. comBATONLionheart

    Good job, guys

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