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Scott Coker launches a new era of Bellator MMA

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  1. Scott is great, he gets it – fewer higher quality events. Pride was the
    greatest MMA promotion of all time, Scott said it diplomatically “at that
    time”. I dream of a Pride resurrection.

  2. he is so right. “japan is sleeping right now, those fans are still out
    there” I hope he runs that money grubbing dwarf dana out of business

  3. randyfletcher86

    I love that this guy is back in. It’s just so nice to have someone who is
    not shitting on fighters all the time but respects them. I really hope he

  4. That was the one thing you couldn’t do in StrikeForce
    Build grudge matches
    Make it happen in Bellator 

  5. Coker>white

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