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MMA Training- UFC Conditioning & Strength

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  2. I am based in Toronto Canada and I am a strength and conditioning coach. I
    offer personal training sessions. Thanks!

  3. this is an amazing video and these routines are unbelievable, keep up the
    good work!

  4. Ilker Delikaya

    my dream is to get trained every day like that and be a nice fighter but in
    amsterdam its now like unpayable at the age of 16

  5. pretty cool!!!

  6. ok every one time to juce up

  7. Song: Disturbed – Down With The Sickness

  8. AWESOME, wanted to go train right after seeing it,

  9. Thanks for the great support…all the way from Germany!

  10. Yo yo… Wonderful video clip. My buddy was once overweight. He reworked
    himself from 284 lbs of fat to 214 lbs of massive lean muscle. Everybody
    was in shock. I just signed up myself because I’m hoping to get big muscle
    mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

  11. Bietet ihr auch Kurse an? Und wenn ja, wo?

  12. Damn I wish I would live in Canada to do some training on this feild!
    excuse my English :p

  13. BlueChannelGaming

    my advice would be to spend all your time training and sparring and then
    learning from your mistakes in the spar then start fighting at the age of
    20 because you wont be able to fight for a long period of time and i would
    rather be fighting from 20-26 rather than 16-22 .

  14. I love this kind of vid. Youtube is wonderful for this type of content. My
    step brother was formerly bullied. He explained he was going to get bigger
    muscle mass. I chuckled… Then inside of weeks he gained 40lbs of natural
    muscle mass. He tried the Muscle Building Bible – look in Google. He
    doesn’t get bullied any longer. 🙂 I personally signed up the other day.
    See what happens. Plus this mans emails are fucking excellent!!!

  15. the training is good, the music too! regards from Germany

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