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MMA Conditioning Cardio Workout

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  1. nemesismartialarts

    Worth a go! Thanks for sharing mate I’ll let you know how it goes

  2. This guy looks like Justin from Never Back Down 2. hahahaha

  3. @sclau2006 Stairmasters own me .. I do it without putting my hands on the
    rails at all and I tighten my core for balance. Insane

  4. Wow nice .. Hardcore and entertaining !

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  6. What a Killer of a workout, love it though. I do 12m of stair/mountain
    climbing on the highest setting. Pouring of sweat by the end. Followed by
    incline dumbbell press on about 15kg each arm Then I switch it up every
    week but a lateral exercise like Biceps, Triceps or Lats Usually on 50kg
    Then around a 40kg squat or lunges Finally I do abs as trying to get rid of
    belly fat Followed by 12m of stair climber or crosstrainer on highest I
    find from cardio I’m burning around 400cals. KILLER

  7. hey flex this looks like something I do normally but this looks like a good
    routine to follow you say 3 times a week I go gym 5-6 times on the 2 or 3
    days I got spare what training would you suggest? I do functional exercises
    and on some days do heavy lifts wonder if ya got some advice? thanks

  8. fewhavestrength

    Have you heard of spot reduction?

  9. bornfedslaughter

    Seems like overkill on doing the 4 weight sets 7 times…

  10. @fdrnygf yep i agree. before I started eating right it didn’t matter how
    much I exercised my abs were still jello. Listen to this Do you know about
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  12. Awesome work! Try doing this routine 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks. You
    should drop 8-10lbs of fat in no time!

  13. Thanks boss!!! I have been doing this one myself for the last few weeks.
    Great way to change up your fat-loss training. Every week I also change the
    cardio exercise as well ( I like using the stairmaster for more of a
    fat-burning effect) My website will be launching soon……with tons of
    routines to keep you stoked!!!!

  14. ViolenceIsGolden1990

    Why do they always just do one cheap, lazy set of each exercise. Like this
    video, then they expect us to kill ourselves with 28 sets total and 24
    minutes of running on a treadmill.

  15. Last 12 minutes I wanna kill myself

  16. I prefer less CV with 3-4 exercises then CV / repeat 8-10 times. I find the
    CV breaks up the session allowing a fresher mind set to begin the lactic/H+
    build up. Also physiologically enhancing not just physiological stimulating
    to oxygenate the muscles. I would also use quite a heavy weight lets say
    12RM. I would also keep the exercises on the feet as it’s more sports
    specific. Just my thoughts and preferences, pls keep the vids coming as I’m
    a nerd when it comes to sports performance!

  17. Awesome man!!!! Every 3 months I do this routine for 4 weeks to shock my

  18. No, we filmed it this way so that you don’t have to watch a 45 minute long
    video. Quick and to the point.

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  20. Fantastic workout – I am doing this tomorrow – Funk Roberts

  21. would you recomend doing this two or three times a week as well as running
    a few miles

  22. Funk Roberts sent me here. i’m doing this workout today. ilike the fact
    that you can substitute cardio machines in case its a packed gym day.

  23. what a workout

  24. For sure it can be 4 Ab exercises followed by a leg exercise. AS long as
    you start with 12 mins of cardio, then 7 ROUNDS of ANY exercise
    combination, then BACK to 12 mins of cardio! Good luck!

  25. can the 4 exercises be ab exercises, followed by leg exercises?

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