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Kickboxing Training : Basic Kickboxing Techniques


  1. I Love , Love, Love martial arts especially Kickboxing. I wish that one day
    i would actually do it ,before it’s too late because i feel it in my blood
    and i want to learn sooooooo bad.

    I really feel annoyed & look down on myself cuz i’m not doing any of what i

    When i watch “tutoring videos” and not to get a proper training will
    honestly make me feel uneasy because for a fact i know it’s harder for
    girls to sign up for these kind of martial arts & guys or people might
    judge me and think of me as “attention seeker”,”checkin guys” or things
    like that. So yeahh “Damn it i’m such a loser” :I

  2. Most of these moves don’t look too difficult to learn. It just requires
    good flexibility and footwork to actually perfect them. 

  3. How do you grow strength in your weak hand swing? (This is literally the
    first kickboxing video/ anything to do with it I have seen)

  4. How to really kickbox
    Step 1: get foot
    Step 2: get box
    Step 3: place foot on box 

  5. Christopher Pearce

    Damn a misleading title though I would like to learn Muay Thai.

  6. Those kicks sound super fucking awesome. All we need is some graphic
    animations/ “KA-POW!”

  7. THANKS!!!

  8. The front kick is not only to push though, ask Anderson Silva 

  9. kickboxing?

  10. very good

  12. For the ignorant people Muay Thai is not kickboxing. Kickboxing only uses
    boxing punches and traditional martial arts kicks. Muay Thai is art of 8
    limbs. It utilizes fists,elbows, knees,clinches and throws. People get
    these two arts confused because Muay Thai practitioners often compete in
    kickboxing tournaments. 

  13. nope, two different things. plus, kickboxing anyone can do.. its punching
    and kicking…

  14. Since when was Muay Thai synonymous with kickboxing? Sheesh… Kickboxing
    back in the day what was the name says, Karate and Taekwondo kicking fused
    with Western boxing. Nowadays every “kickboxing” video is actually Muay

  15. this is muay thai -_- he even says in the first 10 seconds of the video,
    “We’re going to learn some Muay Thai techniques…” anyways, it’s a great
    video, for muay thai at least 🙂

  16. nice gym 🙂

  17. Robert dela Cruz

    2 Right Straight

  18. ahahahahahahaha 3:30. Toot.

  19. Robert dela Cruz

    1 Jab

  20. awesome man

  21. Why in every kickboxing video, someone always criticizes someones
    technique. We’re all taught somewhat differently, c’mon.

  22. I bet these guys could kick your ass regardless. Training is different to
    different people, kind of how no two guitar players learn exactly the same
    way. There’s only so many ways to punch someone in the face, Lol.

  23. One thing! Betther guard when you take roundkick

  24. I have my first amateur kickboxing fight in 2 months and I’ve been training
    for 11 months. Any advise that would help me with my fight?

  25. so stiff …

  26. I was looking for something upbeat, not too intense…i came across this
    and thought “how can punching the air make me sweat” oh how wrong I was…

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    loss potential.

  28. Tiffany Hohenkirk

    I absolutely enjoyed this workout, cant remember the last time i had so
    much fun working out.

  29. Great workout. Just did this and was drenched when done. Not my first
    round with cardo kickboxing either!

  30. Thank you SO MUCH!!! My 9 year old daughter and I had a SUPER amazing

  31. you’re GOD DAMN RIGHT I need a damn break between each round lolllll that
    was brutal 😉 but it’s only the beginning and I won’t give up. Great
    workout :)

  32. Hey man its to fucking tough but never give up thanks for video it helps me
    every day for a tough exercise 

  33. great workout, thank you! 

  34. 6:25 to make it even faster for regular users.

  35. Thank you! I would love to subscribe 10 times if it’s available.

  36. Awesome workout!! Thank you coach Kozak! I can’t believe I finished the
    whole workout…. So exhausted ^^”

  37. “That little voice inside your head that is telling you to quit.. IS LYING
    TO YOU”.

    Love you, Kosak!

  38. WeGottaSituationGTL

    “Great” is an understatement for this workout 😀 

  39. This workout is awesome! I’m working on a body transformation for this
    year. For the past 4 days I been getting up early to exercise take my
    supplements and replacing my meals with nutritional shakes. This is my
    first workout with him and I’m doing really good. I’m so proud of myself. I
    will do this daily.

  40. Ирина Ушакова

    ahhhhhhhh!!!! Thanks a lot for this work out!!!! i was ready to die)))

  41. This is amazing just finished doing it. I’m drenched in sweat this was
    great ! Best cardio i’ve ever done!

  42. Guys, this one is pretty good. Not a quick bs video and not exploitative.
    Gets your muscles to look nice and toned. And if you’ve got some layers on
    you, don’t worry, it’ll make you sweat pretty good… Pretty good.

  43. Which shoes are you using? I keep looking for some good 5-toe workout
    shoes. What would you recommend?
    Thank you! :)

  44. Just did this workout and boy it kicked my butt!!!! So happy I found y’all
    because I will do this again,and your motivation and quotes inbetween
    rounds kept me going. THANKS

  45. i was only doing it halfway and im out of breath already and stop.
    it really surprise me how this kind of exercise make me sweat like hell.

  46. Perfect for a rainy day at home when I cant go out running!

  47. I’ve been doing this video for almost 2 years and this coupled with eating
    properly has helped me shed 5 pounds (when I do it 4-5 a week) in a month.
    I always come back to this video when I’ve fallen off track. Awesome video!

  48. Thought I was going to quit after round three. … Somehow I managed to do
    all six rounds. Fell like throwing up now, but I’m proud of myself for
    finishing. Next goal is to do all six round with 100% effort and energy.

  49. This was awesome. Sweating so hard!

  50. Whoo. That wore me out!

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