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Interview w/ Funk Roberts CPT, MMACA: Nutrition & Metabolic Training!

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  1. In this episode of “Ask the Expert” we talk with the always inspiring
    training guru, Funk Roberts. Funk talks with us about the importance of
    maintaining a healthy dietary lifestyle and the benefits of metabolic

    Funk Roberts is President and Owner of Funk Roberts Fitness and
    http://www.FunkMMA.com . He is a former Professional Beach Volleyball
    player turned Certified Personal and Metabolic Trainer, MMA Conditioning
    Coach, Online Fat Loss Expert and Amazon #1 Best Selling Author for ‘Rapid
    Body Makeover” and has appeared as a Fitness Expert on ABC, NBC, CBS and
    FOX affiliates.

    With over 20 years experience he has helped thousands of fitness
    enthusiasts, combat fighters, trainers and coaches reach their fitness
    goals and improve athletic performance through his programs.

    Each week Funk reaches over 250,000 combat athletes worldwide through his
    newsletter, social media and online programs and has helped fighters
    prepare for battle in most of the major MMA and Combat promotions including
    UFC, Bellator, Glory, K1, ADCC and Grapplers Quest, making him one of the
    strength and conditioning leaders in the combat sport community.

    Funk also helps 100,000 plus fitness enthusiast burn fat while building
    lean muscle using his metabolic workouts and healthy nutrition

    You can connect with Funk through his http://www.funkmma.com blog which has
    over 200 workout videos, nutrition tips and training advice all targeted to
    MMA, martial arts and combat athletes around the world

    He continues to learn and improve his skills so that he can supply the best
    information and contribute to the fitness community and help people make a
    difference in their lives.



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