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  1. Spider web is stronger than steel pound for pound. Same with bone and
    concrete. That is why when you condition you can break bricks and wood. The
    key is pound for pound. But yea, they exaggerate a little at times 😉 makes
    for good television.

  2. What’s the first takedown called?

  3. The first part is so funny for me because of the intensity of the takedowns
    dude, I’d hate to have to be that guy man he got REKT!

  4. Dude those two guys at the start
    the first looked liked a very complicated momentum throw
    the second looked like something out of mortal Kombat FINISH

  5. Human weapon is funny… they keep saying a kick or strike of some sort is
    like being hit with a sledge hammer. I assure they are not. A sledge hammer
    is made of iron. Need I say more?

  6. Sorry… Dwi Chagi creates more than 400 PSI. More like 2000 PSI .

  7. Quinn Odin Pierson

    Axe kick is not for the head, but betwen sholder and neck

  8. Pinnacle Martial Arts & Fitness
  9. Human Weapon TKD

  10. Taekwondo for life!!!

  11. Kristian Sterjovski

    If you don’t think taekwondo isn’t tough look at taekwondo knockouts
    taekwondo is deadly 

  12. Is it all just kicks in taekwando?

  13. it depends on people who called that kick

  14. I’m proud to practice Taekwondo, going for my second degree soon!

  15. from discussion in the previous comment i think its hapkido move,try to
    check ww.allmartialarts*com/KIXCO/Hi­story/history/map.htm

  16. I like taekwondo.. sparring in taekwondo so interesting ..

  17. just like we called gedan *karate* for low kick in taekwondo,muay thai,mma
    n savate

  18. ww.allmartialarts*com/KIXCO/Hi­story/history/map.htm perhaps would help us

  19. i think its +judo cz ive ever seen korean judoka execute that move yeah,i
    think its because the “influence” factor just like muaythai and cambodian

  20. actually im a blue belter degree taekwondo player and theres no tornado

  21. im still working on searching it its like judo move we think (me n my
    friends think)

  22. and that kick is called turning roundhouse kick

  23. hanging man something???i really forgot

  24. It looked like it,there both korean style though,but yeah it defently
    looked like hapkido to me

  25. lol so many people scold tkd for not being strong… tkd is for
    defending(mainly) not like kung fu where u go and beat up innocent people.
    we use tkd for safety not for entertainment or picking up fight

  26. You guys ever see Joe rogan do some kick videos? Not fucking bad for a
    sports commentator in his 40s 😛 DEATHSQUAD BITCHES

  27. People who crticise each martial art will end their lives without
    practicing none of them, stop complaining, choose a sport and go to the

  28. For all the people on this page complaining about no hand defense in tkd,
    there are. If you haven’t taken tkd how would you know what is taught. So
    stop bitching and underestimating tkd, that’s why ppl usually lose fights.
    It’s about technique and situation you’re in. Btw I’m a tkd user, we learn
    elbow, chops, and knee strikes.

  29. It is the person not the martial art and these are practices you go
    freestyle in a fight or competition also martial arts are a sport and an
    art I don’t know why everyone’s so obsessed about beating people up.

  30. This guys are at my lvl of kicking technique. It would be great to sparrow
    with them

  31. Tkd is great , given the room , the reality is most self defence situation
    you have no room. These guys have awesome technique

  32. I’m black belt in tkd and it’s not called back kick it’s actually back

  33. It’s all about the application Olympic tkd fighters get there ass kicked in
    street fights but some can be good street fighters of they apply the right
    techniques in the right way. Street fights have many different elements and
    can NOT be a generic this Martial art is better or this one. It’s all about
    the fighter not the style. -TKD blackbelt, am boxer p.o.v. 

  34. Hüfte mehr eindrehen!!

  35. Isn’t the reverse called the hook kick?

  36. 【Taekwondo】Combo Kicks, Turning Kicks, Single Kic…:

  37. Check out this video on YouTube:

  38. 【Taekwondo】Combo Kicks, Turning Kicks, Single Kic…:

  39. Nice but remember to turn that pivet foot all the way when performing round
    and side kicks.


  40. aquelgio muskita

    2:05 look at his hand

  41. 【Taekwondo】Combo Kicks, Turning Kicks, Single Kic…:

  42. cut down kick is the ax kick 

  43. I’ve used my tae kwon do in the streets and made it my fight, the secret is
    to adopt and to use deception, you cant go around screaming kiahhh and
    going into finding stance like your training in a dojo. 

  44. Very nice. Though, the shorter one’s form isnt as good as the tall one.

  45. Reistoph Milkayr

    This video is good for people who were about to start learning tkd.

  46. Do taekwondo know how to do a back-flep kick? Cuz I want to learn that. 

  47. hatsuten yuyashisen

    thank you for the course.

  48. they kick like a blue belt. lol

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