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How To Win A Street Fight WIth Head Movement, Learn Simple (But Awesome) Street Fighting Techniques


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  1. All it takes to win a fight is to poke some one in the eyes and punch them
    in the balls. You don’t need MMA training for that.

  2. Step 1: Judo
    Step 2: Wrestle
    Step 3: Fuck a nigga up
    Step 4: Send get well flowers
    Step 5: Repeat

  3. What’s with all these Internet Kung Fu master’s being all judgmental. The
    IN FRONT OF YOU KNUCKLEHEADS. Seriously, last time I checked not getting
    hit was a pretty good way to not get knocked out in a fight.

    Geesshh. People, please learn how to comment intelligently, not with
    blatant jealousy for the fact that you still think watching Karate Kid is a
    good way to improve your skills.

  4. This is not an example of head movement but footwork. The reason he can bob
    and duck is because he is maintaining a distance which allows him to do so.
    The big problem he has is not every fighter is so focused on a head shot
    and his body is exposed and off balance most of the time. A good
    wrestler/bjj or any fighter with some kicks could ruin his day in a street
    fight with his method.

  5. id just do a spinning 360 mctwist backflip elbow smash 

  6. K | n 9 _ 5 )-( o ]2 t Y

    would have thrown a left hook followed by a right upper-cut. He would have
    dodged the left hook by ducking down thinking I was gonna throw another
    right hook but would have caught him with the right upper-cut

  7. The third guy was actually had a better chance, since he was punching more
    in a straight line. This is a principle of Wing Chun Kung fu, which is a
    very good self defense system for street fights! 

  8. Well actually good head movement isn’t really something that can be taught
    so much as it’s a skill you train to get. You need to be very athletic.
    Meaning a good agile muscle build, and great cardio. From that point any
    good boxing coach could easily train you using typical boxing oriented head
    movement techniques.

    Really being able to achieve good head movement is all down to having the
    body for it.

  9. Firstly this is set up you can tell by the hand movements the people are
    using short hook, short jabs meaning it is impossible for any one to hit a
    person if they are moving back or side back movements, in this case *RIGGED*
    I used to do Boxing, MMA and other stuff and it is humanly impossible to
    dodge every punch in fact it is highly impossible to dodge 60-80% of
    punches granted if its the face the risk goes less chance to hit some one
    but in a real street fight people don’t tend to go for face punches, human
    beings are bred to fight the way they see which means most people these
    days watch UFC or BOXING which can be built from body punches, face
    punches, take downs, and grapples there for this is nul and void.

  10. i know your a boxer so stop showing off, if i was there i would knock you
    out lol

  11. None of the people He asked had any fight experience. The last guy knew
    enough to keep his punches straight. The other guy with the decent hooks
    telegraphed his punches. Not taking away from dude having classic bob and
    weaving with nice foot work.

  12. How to win a street fight with head movement. Be incredibly athletic and
    have extremely quick reflexes. In other words, 99% of the people watching
    this could never do what he does

  13. People make light of this video, but Mike Tyson was the greatest when he
    bobbed and weaved and made his opponents miss. When he stop doing that he
    started getting hit and losing. 

  14. Interesting

  15. Blogeris Zeppelinus

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  16. *How To Win A Street Fight WIth Head Movement, Learn Simple (But Awesome)
    Street Fighting Techniques*

  17. Dislike because you dont use mma gloves . Its much lighter :/

  18. WELP. I’ve seen enough.


  19. If you that good why you let amateurs punch you? If you are that good call
    out real fighter bro. I would love seeing you do this at the ring. I would
    be very impress 

  20. He picks guys that look like they’ve never swung a punch in their life
    haha. good moves though I wish he picked me to swing at him, the title
    would be very different.

  21. Wow this shit is so easy, he keeps a safe distance between him and his
    opponent. Then he just moves his head. He runs away and he’s far from
    reach. He then leans forward to temp the opponent to throw a punch and
    leans back again out of reach.

    Look at his feet in orthodox stance. This way he is able to move freely and
    counter his movements.

  22. Kiruththikan Yogaraja

    can u teach us hw to do that ?

  23. Today, in the importance of technique in a fight:

  24. Very nice headmovement and footwork bro!!

  25. I actually found it quite amazing that no one simply watched his pattern to
    figure out an adequate strike motion(eg; when the man in the red was
    throwing a straight right our man in the blue shirt(don’t know his name)
    would roll to the left 4/5 times, simply watching that pattern the man in
    the red could have found a counter to that even if he was an amateur)

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