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How to Play “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles on the Piano

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  1. This was great! But I have one question you said to play C# before te
    repeat but that’s on the left what about the right hand? If you could help
    me out it would be awesome! Thanks! 

  2. Nice tutorial but please get your piano tuned it is so out of tune.

  3. All the other tutorials are too slow for me. This one is awesome cause its

  4. awesome tutorial but it seemed like the person with the camera got a little
    eager..it wouldn’t stay still!!

  5. i dosent sound out of tune it sounds just fine

  6. how to you play the bridge part or in other words the part after the 2
    verses at the start please

  7. thanx!!! now i can kinda play

  8. just starting playing piano last week…one day i hope to be able to do

  9. *two b flats on the left hand. Daangit. Otherwise really helpful

  10. This is the best lesson to learn this song 😀 on the entire youtube

  11. omg.! I freak’n love the way your piano sounds.!! 🙂

  12. @aznsissmart Urrrrr not really. Listen carefully to the original piano
    part. The “repeating” part in this video doesn’t go along at all with half
    the song.

  13. thx this vid helped me alot

  14. @AngelineyyLovesYou lol i do the same thing hahaha and i thought i was the
    only one who did that 🙂

  15. I agree. I’m gonna find a way to download some basic lessons and after a
    lot of practice I’m coming back here. This is one of my all time favorite
    songs & I’m determined to learn how one day. Thanks for the video!

  16. At one point i thought he was going to break the darn piano 😛 But yet ,
    amazing video 🙂

  17. DANG!!!!! you are agressive when you play, you hit the notes with such
    force 113 people missed the like button when you played it

  18. brilliant 😀

  19. Does the whole thing just repeat over and over?

  20. I love how he only teaches you the easy intro part.

  21. awesome thanks! hey can you do more of Taylor swifts new stuff?

  22. Your piano is really out of tune, but other than that it sounds great(:

  23. DisneyMissieMouse

    @origamiist HAHA same here!! :D:D

  24. I wouldnt give it a thumbs up if u didnt go way to fast, you have to give
    us a little time to play the chord before you go on the next one 🙁 sorry
    but since you played the aong so pretty I’ll give it a thumbs up

  25. Slower please

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