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How Bad Do You Want It? Alistair Overeem (MMA Success Story)

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  1. What is the music playing in the back?

  2. John Kein Mijares

    i dont think alistair is the one talking

  3. In the first clip who did allistair finish fighting?

  4. never should have left golden glory…

    biggest downfall in overeem’s career

  5. jason mckinnon

    Workout 24/7 with no sleep no food, and i will make monster gains. Is what
    this video told me

  6. Martijn Vermeulen

    Awesome motivational speech – how bad do you want it? #Motivation #succes

  7. Awesome motivational speech – how bad do you want it? #Motivation #succes

  8. TheAlexmercer360


  9. creatine bruh!

  10. Денис Киселев

    Дос Сантос порешает его ! 

  11. 80% of the athletes are taking shit

  12. Bradley Gonzalez

    this story is life altering

  13. Javik Protthean

    had to mute the video cant stand hearing this monkey talking stupid yankies

  14. He wanted it so bad that he ate horse meat to bulk up? (Even Fedor couldn’t
    believe that)…

  15. Where’s the part of the video where he’s “Steroiding”.. cocky SOB, doesn’t
    respect his opponents, dominates a fight and then gets KO’ed a costs me a
    lot of money

  16. You don´t know shit about working out..

  17. i luv it

  18. justin Crocetti

    I haven’t slept in 6 days I’m ready to hit the gym!

  19. what fight was this after

  20. Chuck liddell

  21. judger

  22. Dude, Fighters have lost 2 in a row before and came back to go on a winning
    streak! He was literally seconds away from getting the win but the ref
    decided to carry it on. I just find it funny that Reem haters are on his
    video arguing with fans of his, about how bad he is, yet he’s only lost two
    in a row? No one said anything about Machida loosing two in a row?

  23. your clueless,haha saying steroids makes it harder to get to where you want
    to be,hahahaha

  24. mijn held<3

  25. The guy talking is retarded!! There are many serious consequences from
    sleep deprivation and success is one of them. Like the saying goes, when
    you sleep your mind can fully focus, when your mind can fully focus you can
    be fully determined, and when you’re fully determined you can succeed.
    Sleep well my friends!! Don’t believe everything anyone tells you

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