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HASfit’s Ultimate Warrior 30 Minute Workout w/ Plyometrics Strength Cardio Abs & MMA w/ Coach Kozak

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  1. Hasfit and coach kozak are the best, I like that he actually goes through
    the entire workout with you and motivates you through it instead of just
    making a short video telling you what to do, like the other fitness
    channels on YouTube. Doing this tomorrow!!! I am so pumped!!!

  2. A few months ago I was 230 pounds. I started eating healthier with no
    exercise and dropped down to 222.5 in a month. Then I started Hasfit’s
    Warrior 90 program. I just started week 8 of the Warrior 90 progam and I’m
    already down 14.5 pounds to 208. My goal was to be at 200 by the end of
    week 13 and it looks like I’m going to make it. My next goal will be to
    start the Hero 90 program in August and to get to 175-180 by holiday
    season. Thanks so much for these free workouts

  3. These workout are much better than sixpackshortcuts.

  4. darthvaderabraham

    fuck you kozak you fuck me up with this workout


  5. What some people don’t realize is that he’s talking while doing the
    exercise, which probably makes it twice as hard. Damn, coach you are pretty
    tough :)

  6. Man, I thought this was the Ultimate Warrior as in Jim Hellwig workout lol

  7. Wow!!!. What a fit guy he is!!!

  8. I felt like I was going to die in the first 2 rounds then after that it got
    a little easier.

  9. My God coach, This workout was TOUGH! :)

  10. YoursTrulyLC81

    Awesome workout…thank you. I loved it. :D

  11. Love the workout! Sweat like crazy man! 

  12. David Regalado

    Thanks for the hardwork man. I was able to finish this with 5 minutes rest
    each program. Man I am going to admit that I almost past out and puke. Into
    greatness brothers, fuck those naysayers man.

  13. Aleksander Langus

    killer workout :)

  14. GREAT workout Coach ! thank you 🙂 .. BEAST mode is always on with you ! 

  15. How bad you want it?
    Give it to him!

  16. Great workout! I love it!

  17. Maxime Delorme

    One of my favorite workout ever!!!!!!

  18. if I do this everyday than how many days will it take for me to lose a

  19. coach kozak can you please tell me how many calories do i burn doing this
    workout because i do this workout every single day but take the weekends
    off.please i really need your help.

  20. Better than +SixPackShortcuts

  21. kasama sricham

    It is a quick and easy way for you to bulk up fast.

  22. coach kozak can you please tell me how many calories i burn during this

  23. Increible tus videos!!! De a poco voy completando las rutinas. Ya casi hago
    los 30 minutos.. el año pasado perdi 15kg en 45 dias, obviamente con una
    buena dietas y tus ejercicios. Gracias coach!

  24. I love your videos but this one is a killer lol by that last round I was
    done the push-ups with the clap I could not do at all wow

  25. Jondaris Jackson

    O M F G!!! WOOOO! First two rounds plus the burpees from the 3rd round were
    just cray!! Last two were the easiest but a great workout! I am DRENCHED in
    sweat lol I have my left eye closed because it is burning from the sweat
    that is poring from my head…def a new fav for when I wanna extreme

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