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Greg Jackson – MMA 101


  1. Haven’t seen bigger ears.

  2. I hate videos that kisses the behinds of supplement companies. It’s just
    like watching commercials on tv!

  3. I like how he says “Olympic Lifting” and they cut to Guida doing

  4. LOL a lot of douchebags comenting that he’s a douchebag

  5. the MP advertising kinda ruined this..

  6. haha so much bro sciences. A lot of what he said about nutrition is wrong. 

  7. RECON? what the fuck is he on about,…..its a load of crap! how much did
    musclepharm pay him to tell that lie!

  8. Future champions like Clay Guida.. lol. Dudes fun to watch but he’s no

  9. Great video till Mr. Jackson tried selling me supplements.

  10. Clay Guida is never going to be a champion

  11. You guys always have something negative to say I know for a fact you guys
    don’t know as much as he knows when it comes to training and prep for a
    fight he’s not saying he’s 100% responsible for his fighters success he’s
    saying he’s helped them succeed I would train with Greg Jackson any day!
    This is supposed to be for our benefit not for you to bash him. I’ve seen
    so many fighters who focus on one aspect of the game and fail he’s just
    letting the audience know that there’s more to it then pad work and
    strength training

  12. everyone says greg jackson makes boring fighters but if you look at the
    facts, greg jackson has, Diego Sanchez, Carlos Condit and Jon Jones, andre
    arvloski, travis browne, shane carwin, cub swanson and ect…

  13. I’m so sorry…but Greg Jackson is kind of a douchecanoe IMO. Yes everybody
    says he’s a guru, and yes yes yes he has a strong stable. But he’s not the
    only trainer there and he’s not 100% responsible for all those fighters
    successes. Georges actually trains out of tri-star with Firas Zahabi and
    does camps with Greg…but he also uses Phil Nurse so Greg taking credit
    for that is lame. Rashad left long and has improved at Blackzillians, Guida
    is a joke and fighters who have trained under Jackson seem to get labeled
    as “boring fighters” more often than not. Wall and stall, lay and pray…
    Lastly, if you’re going to train fighters and dole out your opinion on
    diet, lifting and such, best not to look like a jelly donut eating turd
    yourself. I know it’s whats in the brain that matters but c’mon man. You
    gotta live that lifestyle that you’re preaching and that includes keeping
    your body in check too. 

  14. what about you have full time job?! Ich start at 0630 in the morning and
    sometimes come home no later then 1700

  15. He’s so full of shit with the supplement part lol but he is endorsed by
    muscle pharm so he has to. No such thing as a 20 min window. They only say
    that to push their supplements

  16. Takingout thetrash

    Greg Jackson 101 = win on points, fuck fighting

  17. Greg Jacksons Rules!!! 

  18. NinoNiaNina Gachechiladze

    absolutely agree !!! 

  19. just so you know….eating 6 meals a day myth is bullshit!

  20. OriginalMindTrick

    It’s clear your favorite pet fighter got his ass kicked by Jones so I
    understand your frustration and butthurt. I on the other side don’t give a
    shit about specific fighters as long as a fight is entertaining. I like
    seeing wild unorthodox techniques and people who finish fights. That what
    this guy do.

  21. In term’s of his advice on Weight training, the isotonic training followed
    by an expolsive movemant, would you recomend this for all exercises weight
    training wise, except olympic of course I imagine, thanks

  22. crap hes getting paid to push not only a trainer of boring fighters hes
    also a scumbag

  23. Greg Jackson – Lay and Pray 101

  24. greg (lowercase “g” intended), you are a COCKSUCKER (uppercase intended)
    and a fucking COWARD (uppercase intended) for not accepting the Chael
    Sonnen fight! You and your client jon jones (another lowercase intended)
    are both PUSSIES!

  25. imo its better to eat less protein before working out and focus more on a
    shit ton of carbs, i do 300g carbs, 50g protein & 30g fat before my workout
    (2 meals) and after the workou i do 100g carbs, 80g protein & 40g fats
    (2meals aswell) i feel tis improves my performance

  26. Still cooking the egg noodle ,you black parrot ?

  27. I’m just curious what’s your height?

  28. So what did you do with the egg noodles?

  29. So what I did was cook the egg noodles

  30. What did you do with the egg noodles?

  31. Funk be on it. Good video.

  32. how many hours you train per day ??
    and what kind of training u do each day ??
    thank you :)

  33. Man this is the most informative nutrition video I’ve seen in long time.
    Thank you 🙂 

  34. Jonathan Bonilla

    in my opinion, the cleaner you eat the better.
    also, if you are very active you need more energy = carbs, but keep up the
    work in the protein and in terms of fat, only a spoon of virgin olive oil
    and some almost would do … but once again, nutrition varies between
    individuals, there’s no one diet to follow….

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  36. Man this is the most informative nutrition video I’ve seen in long time.
    Thank you 🙂 

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  44. LetsTradeLunches

    wait… did he cook the egg noodles?

  45. Wow! Thanks for this vid! I lost too much weight too! I can’t post the link
    here but if you go to my profile, you can see it on my profile’s
    description Now I’ll start with the workout!!!!! 🙂

  46. im only 14 and i always go to the gym and take protein and do extremely
    heavy weights compared to my friends and they cant do them hahaha

  47. Love if ur not active fuck off this diet clearly ant for u lol

  48. had a question sir i have an army pt test in a bout 3 weeks im about 185
    and i need to get down to about 175 would this diet help me out even with
    all the carbs?

  49. Youth Juice! Canadian made! Good to see some great publicity for it. I have
    friends that are distributors.

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