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Final Encounter | EA Sports UFC 2014 Career Mode Episode #27

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  1. libertines Fink

    great fight. The thing that seems really boring about this game is that
    after you get to a certain level of course you beat everyone. You get
    better every fight and everyone else gets worse. That’s my main issue with
    most fighting games 

  2. “Mount his ass!” ~ famous words from BigRedyNy, 8/25/14 lol

  3. Devon Roshankish

    Hopefully Cain will go ahead and retire by now!

  4. I like to think that your voice is actually what’s going through Bigtrain’s

  5. THEdrummer61146

    Small request. I know that editing takes a lot of time, but would it be
    possible for you to do two fights each episode? I hate waiting for the next
    fight because your commentary and the action is just so fun! And this way,
    you could close this season out strong and we can start the next weight
    class. I can’t wait for the next weight class! Great videos BigRed!!! Keep
    ’em coming!!!

  6. 1 view, wtf. I am so special

  7. Amazing!

  8. That whole convo you had about being tired of fighting Cain had me looking
    like O_o by the time you finished talking about it lol

  9. Julio Medina-Dow

    Another awesome video.

  10. Great fight my dude

  11. I hate how they match you up with the same guys, I did a LW career and had
    to fight Benson & Gilbert a total of 9 times! 5 vs Benson but the guy who
    beat me early on never got another fight with me…

  12. light up the eyes boys light up the eyes !

  13. PainIsTemporary173

    Bah gawd, Bigtrain is unstoppable. 

  14. That combo though. 


    good fight, but you whooped his ass

  16. Larry Justin Winfield

    damn to get dropped in that position.

  17. prince_of_pain21

    Aye Red do you play online

  18. Eyan Stevenson


  19. This fight was INTENSE

  20. 2nnnnnddd

  21. Jeremy Jenkins

    Round 1: Velasquez I think took it with the two takedowns and a submission
    attempt. That uppercut he threw was painfully scary.

    Round 2: WOW. What a fucking slugfest. Love the 3 Ninjas reference 🙂
    Velasquez could’ve taken the second round if it went the distance.

    Great stuff. What a fight.

  22. TurkeyLurkey00

    Damn that was nasty!

  23. the smell of the athletes foot knocked him out, a second whiff would wake
    him up! Great fight bro. 

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