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Chuck Liddell vs. Luke Rockhold Full Fight | EA Sports UFC 2014 Gameplay (Xbox One)

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  1. U guys hav a pretty good channel

  2. LOL @ “this is definitely Chuck Lidell” when he whiffs and goes down from a

  3. Anderson vs anyone!

  4. Michael Bisping vs Rich Franklin ?

  5. Shame with Chuck since he used to be a beast in his prime

  6. Can I get a clay guida fight? 

  7. ThisYoungLibertine

    This game blows. Every fights ends in the first round lol. No
    customization. Almost no game modes. Cant have a female caf. Not enough up
    to date fights or fighters period. Boxy and unrealistic movement. No follow
    up punches after ko. Seems rushed and like the creators never watched ufc
    in their life. Just to name a FEW things. Sure it looks good and seems like
    a nice starting foundation but i didnt pay 65 bucks for that. Returning it
    in a day or two most likely. Fail.

  8. How do you play too diferent divisions? Luke is MW , Chuck is LHW!!!
    Super video:)

  9. That 5th dimension line was pure gold. You dudes are hilarious. 

  10. got one more B.J. Penn vs Urijah Faber

  11. daepicmasta707

    Is diego brandao in this game???? 

  12. I know it was going to end like that

  13. Chucks over hand right looks horrible in this game not realistic at all

  14. Utilize Chucks right straight hand!!!

  15. Richard Williams

    Chuck Liddel’s overhead punches and counterstrikes are much more lethal on
    UFC3 on PlayStation 3. If you really like fighting standup with Chuck
    Liddel you should buy that game because his strikes look like garbage on EA
    UFC for PS4. Just sayinnnn……

  16. You guys are hilarious lol SUB !!

  17. Nathan Peneha A.K.A Thepenjoker

    Do ah Anderson Silva hard.

    sweet as 

  18. Cant believe how real this looks. Its so crazy. Sucks I cant afford a PS4.

  19. lol wtf that doesnt look rockhold at all

  20. Use royce gracie!

  21. Yeah how are you mixing weight classes like this? I saw footage of someone
    showing the lhw roster and luke rockhold wasnt in it only mw. Thanks

  22. Dirty Dan: Just Call Me Dan

    was a good fight till the end

  23. DaBossManProductions

    Lol “this is definitely Chuck Liddell 

  24. matthew jackson

    The guys laugh at the beginning was funny 

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