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Chuck Liddell – MMA Ground and Pound Drills


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  1. OH shit, Chuck has BJJ moves. I always wondered about fighters like
    Liddell, Rampage, Evans, and many others if they had BJJ skills. I mean
    they are not ranked in BJJ really so is hard to know.

  2. 70% of chuck lidell = 60% more than needed for knockout

  3. @smackatan0 Hugh?

  4. and you wouldnt say that when you lay half dead in the floor and your whore
    of a mother gets you and

  5. @kotternatham ….Rashad is dry humping king. Fitch is his queen

  6. Good drill. Thanks

  7. bornfedslaughter

    On the last drill, you should have been using your hips to off balance him.
    This dude looks like a shitty training partner to me.

  8. chuck lidorris

  9. wow, can u imagine the as whooping u would get if the Ice Man got top
    position. I say, agree and buy the man a beer.

  10. This is what the THUG Trayvon Martin was doing to Zimmerman. Thankfully,
    Zimmerman could defend himself from being Pounded and Grounded by a Street
    Thug using lethal force. If there is any reason for everyone to “carry” it
    is now, because certain elements in the US think that they have a right to
    “beat people up” who who they don’t like or who may ask them
    questions…such as “what are you doing in this neighborhood?” This is ALL
    caused by having a Negro Moslem president.

  11. keep pressing 9 hahahhahaha

  12. Chuck hits harder from his back than i do standing up

  13. Finish him! —- FRIENDSHIP!

  14. @vaneKfan2k lol this very true lol

  15. brandon dietrich

    @drumerboy1123 i agree

  16. @kanguesso I like how you say BJJ like you think its the only form… Did
    you know UFC isent the only organization?


  18. @Shadow911m you dont even know what pussy looks like bro, stop lying. haha

  19. @THeworldNs lol

  20. sugar rashad beat the ice man outta chuck….where was this drill then

  21. chucks only going 25% lol

  22. @JoshBroughtonMMA i totaly agree with u im 14 and i also do mma and i hate
    people who think ur badass and are black belts in the art of keyboard

  23. @wigey161 next time use the reply button so we know who r u responding to

  24. Thats exactly what I was thinking. I wouldn’t want to hold focus mitts for
    him at 70% let alone get tagged in the body.

  25. wtfmanicanthaveaname

    that mother fucker is an animal! he is throwing knockout hits from on his
    back with no room for back swing! its like in kill kill bill punching the
    board lol. hes a beast!

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