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Cage Fighting Clinches & Dirty Boxing | MMA Fighting


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Up Close and Personal: A Street-Smart Guide to Fighting from the Clinch

In a real street fight, your assailant will most likely try to force you into a clinch: that gray zone between striking and grappling distance. Punches and kicks are less effective in close quarters, and it's easier for a determined opponent to slam you to the concrete at that range. But now, Up Close and Personal from Paladin Press by self-defense experts Richard Nance and David Hallford teaches you the best way to fight and win in the clinch, no matter how large your attacker may be.


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  1. So is the stomping thing just dirty or illegal?

  2. Didactic Testament

    The sound effects made this XD

  3. practicle technique thanks.

  4. Judo trip* not throw

  5. You helped me learn how to defend my self now how can u defend you’re self
    with two people 

  6. My coach is miles better than him
    But I still respect this guy coz he is a coach
    Bam boom hey hoo bam boom hahaha

  7. You can stomp people feet in MMA? That seems really dirty. Huh, you learn
    something everyday.

  8. 1:28 o soto gari 🙂

  9. Like i said , i don give a dam about this conversation

  10. He’s speaking just like the shamwow guy.

  11. then why do u comment?fk off , fk face

  12. To let you know that you can´t be special, not even in youtube (:


  14. bam boom high low boom

  15. ern. i don really care about this conversation , your weird

  16. chewybannana wynter

    i know muay thai and a bit of mma and this guy isnt a very good trainer or
    wate eva he dont wat hes talking about i know my clnches beleive

  17. This is really great stuff!! I don’t know why the MMA and Traditional
    Martial Arts guys are wasting time bashung each other…this stuff is very
    closely related in my opinion.I guess that’s why they call it Mixed Martial
    Arts.Great stuff once you educate yourself.I regret I put this stuff down
    in the early days.

  18. very helpful!!!

  19. cool

  20. maybe going back to school would be a better idea than knowing some mma

  21. Nobody cares dude.

  22. Also looks like a tkd clinch

  23. More of these please, howcast

  24. Fail troll, it’s psychologist. Get your facts right.

  25. He’s thinks the other would be standing there playing games and we can beat
    the crap outta him and he’ll do nothing.. xD

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