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Boxing Training. Explosive Upper Body Training

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  1. Sebastián Zamora

    Excuse me, do you sale any DVD’s workouts?

  2. It was much harder than you make it look, but i will get there and feel
    better for it. Keep em coming, I like the challenge!

  3. Eastendfitness

    Amazing tip yet again. Big things goin on in TO. Can’t wait to try,

  4. This looks awesome. I’m going to try this right now in my front room.
    Resistance bands are just class. Also wanted to mention you’re helping me
    stay motivated with different workouts, your channel is quickly becoming
    one of my favs.

  5. NateBowerFitness

    Thanks. We love our training here for sure. Have fun with it. Lots more
    coming up.

  6. NateBowerFitness

    Ha, thanks James! This is much harder than it looks….Have fun with it,
    Its a wicked exercise! And thanks for the props. I have a lot more
    coming…Stay tuned and please like and promote the vids. 🙂 More soon.

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