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Bellator MMA Highlights: King Mo Knocks Out Seth Petruzelli

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  1. michael patterson

    This is what they call completely overpowered

  2. WEHS
    GO to trUThCoNteST%~5cOm< rEAd THe PreSEnt5%~

  3. Brandon Holsather

    the ref should been punched in face for that stopped early stoppage call he
    wasn’t even tko yet

  4. Bünyamin Büno


  5. I had no ideal War Machine is still connected to the porn industry…

  6. I felt bad for Babalu. )-:

  7. OppressedAnarchist

    Why does King Mo wear a Tiara ?

  8. Mo killed that guy,haha

  9. Christy mack

  10. Konstantin Mebonia

    2:50 – Mack

  11. What a knockout by King Mo!

  12. Ju-Jutsu Kakuto

    я немного удивился даже))

  13. Shenay Ferguson

    I would have knocked out that ref bob got screwed

  14. Стас Красносумов

    0:59 Cristy Mack !

  15. I see you War Machine! Thats one fine chick hes got

  16. Breakdancing Baby Jesus

    Yeah but 2 more punches and he would have been so the stoppage was the
    right thing to do.

  17. TheKlingonFarmer

    Christy Mack! LOL. and good to see Silverfag Petruzelli lose.

  18. Funny thing is bellator fights are usually more hyper and more entertaining
    than ufcs slow paced and boring fights.

  19. cause he’s a qeear

  20. It seems for every step they take forward they jump back three steps

  21. i know holyshit..and the girl next to her maybe phoenix marie

  22. Damn that was an asteroid right hand by Mo. Holy shit the Earth shook after
    that one

  23. TattaHollywood


  24. Calm the fuck down douche. It was a joke.

  25. King Mo being on both sides of 2 KO of the year so far in 2013

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