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Bellator MMA Highlights: Alexander Volkov Wins Heavyweight Title

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  1. Minakov is a beast. He has to work hard on his speed and stamina, but he is
    already a top HW. I hope he reigns in Bellator. But Kongo is very

  2. your retarded bud ahah

  3. TNA and Bellator vs UFC and WWE

  4. This was the last Bellator MMA telecast ever held live on MTV2. Come
    Thursday, January 17th, Bellator MMA will make its highly anticipated move
    to Spike, to start officially the 8th season.

  5. bellator girls are tough as fuck

  6. That girl looked a lot prieter before she started fighting lol

  7. Even guys look better before they take up fighting they still had their
    teeth. I read Rocky Marciano knocked out 4 teeth with a single punch even
    though the guy was wearing a mouth protector. Lots of boxers and some
    football players are missing teeth.

  8. Marauder Anderson

    background music?

  9. they will……..

  10. Jonny best is retarded

  11. Damn Herrig is hot

  12. Great intro tbh

  13. Felice Herring is alot more than a hot girl!

  14. He got food poisoned

  15. *prettier*

  16. I would kick everyone’s ass.

  17. That ref is juiced!!!

  18. Felice Herrig is such a badass!

  19. what the fuck happened to the rad martinez fight

  20. Volkov didn’t go hard like he had been doing in the tournament.

  21. jonthan gonzalez

    Muy bien….hojala pierda Nick hale

  22. i wanted to see Helds fight -___-

  23. maybe louis taylor will be the new hector lombard and keep up these nice

  24. That’s one sad Russian champ.

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