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★ UFC Daniel Cormier | Highlights Knockouts 2014 ★

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  2. Not gonna giveaway who won and lost, but the longer this feud went on the
    more and more I disliked Jones, especially when he was caught out making
    death threats to DC when he thought he was off camera, from then on his
    persona was found out and he just decided to make up that DC disrespected
    him too.
    You want to root for someone so talented like JBJ, but I find it impossible
    to like him, so I’ll root for the next best and that’s DC, who still has
    what it takes to be #1 even at 35.

  3. The Best of UFC and MMA
  4. Should be a good fight. I really hope Cornier get’s in top shape


  6. I hope DC beats Jon Jones. DC seems like he’s a very formidable opponent
    for any fighter and cool dude too. Good luck to him.

  7. Oswald Herández

    song’s name?

  8. YoungBaller1898

    Thumbnail looks like Gustaffsons arm photo shopped to DC

  9. Great editing for this video

  10. OrangeNinjaTurtle123

    Black fedor emelianenko 

  11. Marco Aurelio Burgos

    Dc lover, acept he sucks, he never wanna sex with u. Just assume he talk so
    much and can’t win jones 

  12. Damian Engoring

    You should really change the title. 

  13. Aivaras Alisauskas

    Depends how fast Daniel Cormier wins.

  14. courmier is a weenie who got his ass handed to him at 182

  15. KeyboardCommando

    Jon chicken leg bones jones has to keep growing that sponge of a beard to
    protect his glass jaw what a sham hope Cormier knocks the shit outta that
    fake chump champ

  16. jhon jones get out!!

  17. Dmitry Shabotin

    What song is playing, even shazam dont know

  18. Could you please upload the first highlight that you used to make this
    video? It has been deleted from youtube.

  19. Please give the name of this nice song ! Love to watch DC fights ! (this is
    not Do or Die song.Please name of group ?) 

  20. song: Stuart Bogie – Do or Die


  22. DC WINS!!!!!! GUARANTEED!!!!!! or no decision because Jones has another
    injury,excuse, etc. not to fight…

  23. Jon Jones Gonna kick his Fuckin Ass !! Fuck Daniel Cormier !! Fuckin fat
    ass Nigga !! 

  24. Cormier dominates. Hendo stays at light heavy and knocks Jones’ head off
    with an overhand right for his disrespect to the future Hall of Famer.
    Cormier successfully defends belt against Gustafsson. That’s just the way
    it will play out dog

  25. “and new…”

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